Tea Ceremony Activity
In Osaka Shinsaibashi

How Much Do You Know About Japanese Tea Ceremonies?
It’s not heating water and putting some tea.




大阪の茶道体験「The Osaka」って何?

当茶室は、心斎橋駅、難波駅から近い大阪道頓堀にあり、多くの外国人観光客や、日本旅行者の方に利用いただく体験施設です。茶道は、伝統的な茶室で、抹茶を点て、客に振る舞うという伝統深い時間です。茶道は、多くの場合、小さな茶室で、静かな環境で行われ、独自の美学、哲学、を持つ芸術の一つです。是非、茶道体験大阪The Osakaでその時間を味わってください。

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And More

Our tea ceremony experience provides not only an authentic tea ceremony experience, but also genuine matcha, water, sweets,bowls and time

Our Maccha(tea)

The matcha we offer is from “kanbayashi-shunsho”, a 450-year-old establishment in Uji, Kyoto. The 15th generation is currently producing matcha as a Uji tea master.

Traditional Bowl

The matcha tea bowls used by everyone have their own unique history and the thoughts of their creators. Each matcha bowl differs in shape, size, color, and decoration, making each one a one-of-a-kind piece in the world. You can enjoy matcha with these traditional bowls.

The traditional Japanese sweets

The traditional Japanese sweets that are enjoyed together with matcha are made using the well-loved fukujudo-hidenobu tea confections, established in 1948 in an area surrounded by tea ceremony masters and top-class Japanese restaurants. Different seasonal confections are offered to accompany the matcha depending on the time of year.

iphone was born from Steve Jobs’ love for Zen

“After the founding of Apple in 1976, Steve Jobs consulted with Reverend Otogawa Kohbun, a Japanese monk, about quitting the company and entering the world of Zen. While it is said that the iPhone was influenced by Zen principles, it is not accurate to say that the iPhone was born from Zen. The idea of simplifying the iPhone and reducing unnecessary elements was inspired by the same philosophy of eliminating waste in Zen. Jobs’ focus on concentration and simplicity, both in his personal and professional life, is the essence of his philosophy. If you’re interested, you can also experience the tea ceremony, which was beloved by Steve Jobs.”

Reservation Process

We accept both advance reservations and same-day bookings, subject to availability. Please make a reservation and prepayment using the reservation button. We also accept reservations via phone or social media.